About me

queer web developer

I studied arts in Greece, went to London for an Arts and Computing MSc and started working as a programmer for the web immediately after. That was 13 years ago. Even if my choice of career was mainly practical, I sticked with it because of my love of problem-solving and learning new things. I also got a lot out of helping others and making their lives easier. This for me is the main purpose of technology and the main reason I'm still working as a web developer.

I'm not a mega geek and I don't get a hit out of technology itself. I used to think that's a drawback but I'm getting more comfortable with being honest about it. It seems to be useful for when I explain things to clients who don't understand technology that much anyway, it makes me more relatable.

My job is not my life. I have a lot of other important parts of my self which I try to nourish; I'm a proud queer feminist, I write, I'm a sexuality explorer (sexplorer), a psychonaut, I love to dance, to meditate and a lot of other things. I think this has made me in some ways a better and more focused developer too.

queer web developer

Why Queer?

The term queer means different things for different people, so it's best to explain what it means for me.

For me being queer is much more than a sexual identity. It means being curious about life, questioning everything we've been taught to be true, given and "normal" (I hate that word). It also means recognising that the way things are right now suit some people, but often at the expense of many others. It's about revealing power imbalances in regards to gender identity, sexuality, race, body-ability and exploring how these imbalances affect us. It's about helping each other and forming a supportive community that accepts and includes the diverse, the different, the non-normative.

I advertise as a queer developer because I'd like to work with people who share my values, or at least support my right to be passionate about them.

If you're one of them, get in touch.

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