I code for websites and I also help with setting up technical stuff that my clients might be finding daunting.

I don't do any branding, graphics or content copyright work.

For for-profit companies I charge €600/£530 per day or €80/£70 per hour.
For non-profit projects or individuals whose values I share, my rates vary.
I sometimes donate some of my time too.

For individuals just starting out I can consider payment arrangements in instalments.

I also love exchanging services instead of payments in cash. If you have something to offer, especially in the wellness area, I'm happy to discuss how we can make this work. I'm currently open for work exchange with personal trainers, life coaches, massage therapists, sexological bodyworkers, pilates instructors and tattoo artists. (please note that I'm mostly based in Berlin these days).

The short answer is, it depends.

Web development is a complex process, and the more custom a website the more expensive it's going to be. If you send me an email about what you need, I can give you a rough estimate.

The short answer is, sorry to disappoint but a lot more than you think.

I will admit that I'm pretty bad at giving estimates but that's the nature of my job too. Something that looks simple might be simple just because there was a lot of work that went on behind the scenes.

I love coding with Ruby on Rails and it's my preferred language. I'm a full-stack developer, so I do HTML/CSS, Javascript, AWS, APIs and all that lot. In the past I've used PHP, some .NET. and a fair number of different other frameworks and platforms.

Whenever I can, I also make fun stuff with Processing.

I'm afraid you can't see most of my work, as it's password protected. But you can message me and I can send you some screenshots.

My latest work includes some admin, web and squarespace support for the folks at Kiyumi Psychedelic Retreats. Some companies I work for or have worked for in the past are: secretsquirrels.com, jamesblackmanagement.com, a couple of clients via sheltonfleming.com and you can also check out my last employer's website pretty.co.uk/work.

Absolutely. Graphics, web and UI designers, illustrators, fellow-programmers or anyone else who sees opportunities in building something together or forming a supportive community, please do get in touch.

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